(In English) Questions on Identity and Otherness representation among the Moroccan Jewish Community

Jewish Moroccan Film Week

 “My Heart in the Maghreb

Jüdisches Musem, Berlin. 8-12 May 2016


Panel: Cultures of Memory and Judaïsm Today



Dialectic Representation of Identity and Otherness

(The case of Berbers in some Jewish Moroccans’ texts)


Mohamed Elmedlaoui

IURS / Mohammed-V University in Rabat


For an Arabic version, click Here  ------- هــــــنــــا  من أجل صيغة عربية،





Besides a new question which looks on the horizon, the question of a possible return under a form or another (See Here; in Fr.), the from now on traditional question which underlies between lines the great majority of the movies screened in the Festival, is the one asking for the reasons of the sudden dramatic exodus of the Moroccan Jewish communities between the 50s and 70s of the 20th century. From this main question, derive several others. For example: what kind of representation the members of this community had about themselves and about other communities with which they shared the social and institutional space in their homeland, the ancestral Morocco of several centuries? It is the question of the system of representation of Identity and Otherness, supposed to be culturally latent among those communities, that is examined in the remainder of the present text.


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Mohamed Elmedlaoui


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