(In English) The significance of the recent homage paid to late Simon Levy

The significance of the recent homage paid to late Simon Levy


(A French version, Here)



Definitely, the consecration by the Moroccan Constitution of the Hebraic dimension as one of the multiple dimensions of the Moroccan identity is not a mere ‘politically correct’ cue, intended for no more than some political consumption (For a sample of socially rooted facts about that dimension in the Moroccan history, see Here). Some attitudes by some culturally ill-informed people denote however one such opportunist reading of the Moroccan Constitution, even among some Moroccans when subsequent positive actions are asked for to be done regarding the Judeo-Moroccan heritage (see Here in Fr. and Here in Ar.).


One recent cultural event, organized by the Moroccan Jewry Museum Fellows’ Society (AAMJM; open the site Here), testifies however to the contrary and brings a concrete proof that such concept of Hebraic dimension of Moroccan identity does actually have a substantive content in the collective conscience of Moroccans as a whole. That is the homage paid in Rabat (BNRM, Jan 14 2016) to one of the notorious figures of our times Moroccan Jewish community, the scholar, politician and civil and cultural rights militant, late Simon Levy (1934- 2011; see Here, in Fr.).


The event was highly significant as well according to the number (about 150 people) and the quality of the audience (intellectuals from different cultural trends, scholars, ministers, etc.) that according to the enthusiastic commitment with which the common people was engaged in the discussion that followed about Judeo-Moroccan heritage safeguard, valuation and promotion.


People came mainly from Rabat, but also from neighbouring cities, of which Casablanca where was nevertheless held another cultural event in parallel on an identical topic. An influx which surprised the organizers, who had planed only the room of conferences for the event, before the persons in charge of the hosting institution did generously substitute the room with the large auditorium in the last minutes. On its side, the national press was not outdone (see an electronic overview Here). Speeches were pronounced on the occasion by Driss Khrouz (Director of BNRM), Mohamed Amine Sbihi (Minister of Cultural Affaires), Jean Levy (AAMJM’s Treasurer), Mohamed Elmedlaoui (AAMJM’s President) and Izza Guenini (film maker).


The event ‘Plaisir de mémoire in homage to Simon Lvy’, has also been seized by the AAMJM society to present the headlines of its programme before the audience in order to associate the common of the citizens to the spirit which leads that program, namely a plural, conscious and concrete national appropriation of the Judeo-Moroccan heritage. An appropriation which comes and is translated on the ground through the action of the whole civil society, conjugated to that of the State. A conscious and developing appropriation of all aspects and manifestations of the ‘Hebraic tributary’ of the Moroccan identity, which is a de facto component, consecrated furthermore by the country’s Constitution.

M. Elmedlaoui

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