(In English) Malika: a Moroccan Arabic malhun poem, transcribed in Arabic script with an English translation and introduction

"ماليكة حمالة الماليك"


قصيدة من نظم الشيخ أحمد الغرابلي (توفي مع بدايات القرن العشرين)

تدوينٌ بالحرف العربي مع ترجمة إلى الإنجليزية على يد محمد المدلاوي

 5 يوليوز 2022





A Malhun poem in Moroccan Arabic, composed by Ahmed El-Ghrabli (died: early 20th c.)


Transcribed in Arabic script with an English translation by Mohamed Elmedlaoui.

July 2 2022





Introduction: on the Malhun poetry in general

Malhun is a poetic genre composed in Moroccan Arabic and goes back to several centuries. It is said to be the Moroccan’s Melting pot Literary Background (“diywaan al-maghaariba”). After substantial published works (compilation of texts, biographical and ethnographical elements and some metrical essays) by notorious scholars like Mohammed El-Faasi and Abbas Al-Jirari namely, the Academy of the Moroccan Kingdom published these last years a series of great compiling volumes dedicated the most salient Malhun composers (11 volumes up to 2018).


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Mohamed Elmedlaoui       محمد المدلاوي

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